Who will water the fire?

Water should never have become this big an issue. At least not to the extent of two states fighting it out mean.

When the POWER that created this land and water, I believe, it was meant to be shared. But today the sharing itself has become an issue and has demanded that we go to a third party seeking their interference and then when that third party does give a solution we again go on a protest against the solution. If both the interested parties will be satisfied only if they get more than 3 quarters of the total available water, this issue is like Kashmir, where for decades both the parties are going to be engaged in talks, meetings, conferences, petitions and not reach an agreement point.

The common man is more burdened by the day today protests of various self-centered organizations protesting in the streets demanding a better verdict (sic). And the sad part is that the main issue being the sharing of water, these mindless, ruthless so-called politicos have shifted the focus from water to Language and fighting it out on the streets. Its beats me as what has a language got to do with water sharing? The regional satellite channels of a certain language being blocked because the state that got more share of water speaks predominantly that very language, sounds ridiculous to me. Who taught these people that though the Indian states were divided based on languages, no other language speaking person can reside in a state. This demand was also raised by few agitating organizations. It’s high time they got a lesson on the fundamental rights of Indian Citizens.

Why am I so concerned about this issue? Simple. I am born, bought up, educated and working in Bangalore, except for a small fact that my mother tongue is Tamil. This has always given birth to a weird question from some of my acquaintances. I usually consider that to be, according to them, a test of my nativity. The question in question is, ‘What do you think about this? Don’t you think kannadigas are cheated?’

Though I try to mumble a diplomatic answer to that, my inner self as always asked me to ask them back a few questions. I believe the conception of the issue being a Tamil VS Kannada or a Tamilian VS Kannadiga should be erased.

1] The issue is more political than just about sharing of water
2] The inclusion of language and regional issues into this feud by some organizations is to gain some momentum for their popularity
3] A court order is to be followed or appealed against. Protesting against the order is a sheer display of disrespect to the judiciary
4] The issue is more complex than that could be discussed in the name of a language or state.

Here is my simple, humble request. We in democracy believe in a judicial system. Hence we are set to appeal against what we see as an injustice to our needs. Now it is the time to wait and await the final verdict of the judiciary and accept the same in all grace. Language and culture in itself is great. And one need not, or should not connect the same to controversial issues like this and try to gain mere publicity and momentum.

Let peace prevail in our country,

Jai Hind

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on February 20, 2007.

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