Japan se laaya Mera dost…..

I was gifted 2 chopsticks from my buddy Suppi, on his return from his professional trip to Japan. I had never taken the advantage of giving him a list of goodies that I always wanted from Japan, but nevertheless I did expect him to get something for me from there. True to my belief, he did get me a pair of CHOPSTICKS and few chocolates (yet to receive it from him though…he says it’s stocked up for me!!)

Well, initially I was surprised / excited / taken aback when he revealed the two medium sized sticks from a plastic pouch for the benefit of me and my other friend Sudhi. I had always seen chopsticks in those martial arts flicks, our own national channel’s telecasting of OSHIN and in some BBC and NG documentaries. But never in real life. The two sticks had a polished look on them, which kept me wondering as to how in the earth those people ever get to get hold of even the last grain of cooked rice by this.

Suppi who I believe already knew that me and Sudhi would go through these thoughts, gave us a demo on ‘HOW TO USE THESE STICKS FOR YOUR BETTER’. I believe he intended us not to keep this pair of sticks not as a memento but instead USE IT for real!! Anyways, he started the crash course by asking us to hold the two sticks by our right hand, with one of the sticks lying on the thumb like on a cushion and the other above it being held on the side by the middle finger (sic) and the index finger lying over the stick at the top (pretty confusing I know….see the pic above)

After the course Suppi gave even a practical demonstration on ‘HOW TO PICK UP A BIT OF CHIKKI USING CHOPSTICK’. By then me and Sudhi had strewn the Times Of India all over the Sofa in the living room of Suppi’s house. Then getting an inspiration from Suppi’s gallant act of picking the CHIKKI piece, me and Sudhi decided to try the same. To everyone’s amazement Sudhi did it right the very first time. After giving him due share of applause I tried my hand at the same brimming with confidence. Both the CHIKKI piece and my confidence came crashing down in my first attempt. But both Sudhi and Suppi encouraged me to try it again and again till I succeed, which I did after some 4 – 5 attempts. And then the Supreme soul who not only parted with two sets of the CHOPSTICKS for us, but also took time to share his knowledge on how to use it, dear buddy SUPPI, certified us to become the proud owners – cum – users of the CHOPSTICKS !!

Thanks Suppi! Love the gift!

Now, the pair of CHOPSTICKS lay rested in the penholder on my desk soon to be savored by dust!!


~ by Jayanthan Ravi on March 12, 2007.

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