GOD, Superheroes and Bestsellers!

Sometimes, friends do end up discussing things at a great length, which gives everyone an opportunity to know about ones friend a bit more. It’s sometimes a revelation.

Unlike the intensity attributed to the previous sentence, Suppi, Sudhi and I, did have a discussion on Sunday (25th March 2007) on an issue that can be termed by some as controversial and some as debatable. The most part of this discussion was carried out by me and Sudhi, with Suppi giving his point of view at different points in the discussion.

It all started with me telling these two buddies about how the kids of this generation have forgotten the most admired and most charismatic super heroes of our childhood, like HE-MAN. The trigger that made me make this statement was a kid of one my relative who failed to name the super hero HE-MAN doll on my bookshelf.

This statement then led us to discuss out own Indian Television super hero SHAKTHIMAN and that’s when the main topic of our discussion started brewing. It was I who mentioned the plan of gifting someone the model of the scene where Lord Krishna preaches the Geetha Upanishad to Arjuna on the chariot. Even this would not have been such an issue had I not mentioned, how the person who could preach the Bhagavat geetha and follow all the malpractices in and out of the battlefield in MAHABHAARATHA. It was, and is, my personal opinion that Krishna did indulge in many malpractices in MAHABHAARATHA which should not merit him the status of a GOD.

This led the discussion to the two epics RAMAYANA and MAHABHAARATHA and the status they should deserve in our society. It was Sudhi’s belief that these two epics were indeed sacred and ought to be protected so that the future generations will learn about the grand culture of our Hindu society. His point was that these two epics are a social and moral guide by themselves that teach us about our culture and the principles laid out for the good society. In short he was of the opinion that these two epics were SACRED enough for our society and ought to be given that status and regarded with highest respect and never criticized.

My point was against the dramatic, fictionalized and hype stereotypical description of the characters RAMA and KRISHNA in these two books. I told my theory of the origination of these two books, which I believe would have been a composition of a court poet or an author, decorating his king through a fictional account and attributing all the godly characters to him and all the evil ones to the king’s certified enemy. Some of incidents told in the books might be true, but I do believe most parts of the books are fictionalized to a great extent with the sole intention of pleasing the king, the patron of the author.

But I do agree that, if looked as a fiction these two books are great in their own sense, having been bestsellers for centuries.

That evening the discussion ended without any conclusion. But I did notice an unusual silence from my buddy Suppi. I do believe he did have something to say and add, but chose not to on that day. Expecting him to talk about this to both me and Sudhi soon.

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on March 27, 2007.

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