Intolerance among the Masses…

I see a lot of intolerance on various issues among the masses. The alarming factor being that this intolerance is predominant among the educated people of our society. And the latest battlegrounds for these people are the message boards on the net. For example, looking into the message board of Rediff, any news nowadays leads to a battle of messages ultimately deviating from the news topic and ending at an argument of North India(n) Vs South India(n) or Hindu vs. Muslim or Hindu Vs Christian or One state Vs Other state or One language Vs Other Language. 

It can be pardonable even if the argument is subjective, but the usage of unparliamentarily language, venomous attacks targeted on individuals and posting of provocative stories and statements is disgusting and disturbing. Most of these messages are posted by educated minds sitting idle either at home or at workplace. What disturbs me is that, if these are the lines along which the educated minds are thinking and acting then what might me the mindset of the uneducated and the misguided people of our country. Hatred is rampant among many groups, on the lines of religion, caste, language, state, status in the society. Name it and you have an association or a group for that cause. Most of these are indirectly aided and abetted by major political parties for their gain. 

On the net, the news about the release of the Audio of a south Indian Super Star, leads to a combat between a North Indian and South Indian, the dismal performance of the Indian Cricket team leads ultimately to a feud between Hindu and Muslims. All the message boards for every topic end like this nowadays (especially in REDIFF). These intolerant mass have not even spared the message boards dedicated for share markets. 

I do not want to go into the details of the issue of trying to create a divide in here, Bangalore, along linguistic lines, because I am accused by some of being a Tamilian writing as a Tamilian on issues close to Kannadigas without any concern for the state and its people and its language. My intention behind these posts and my views on these issues, especially the one about Kannada, Tamil and Karnataka are well known to my friends, so I do not need to prove anything here. 

Rediff, even after thousands of appeal by genuine readers, has not taken the initiative to close down the message board option for the news items. It’s cashing time, and they are playing their part well. What concerns is the big picture. If out society follows this trend, then the future is scary. This intolerance and hatred will just pull the nation down from its upward journey in progress. This definitely would not have been the idea of our forefathers when they fought to free our nation from the outsiders. Today if any one of them would have been alive, would surely agree with me that, the nation was better of without the much hyped DEMOCRACY. We do need freedom, not only from the foreign rulers, but from the anti-social forces flourishing within, which is in the constant pursuit of trying to divide the nation on the basis of Religion / caste / social status / language etc. 

All I can do now is to hope that we understand the needs of the society and mend our ways. No new Avatar or no new messenger is going to descend on the earth to educate or teach us. We, the people need to do it ourselves. Let’s, teach ourselves! 

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on April 8, 2007.

One Response to “Intolerance among the Masses…”

  1. very true about the rediff message boards….
    its quite saddening really…

    hope something can be done about it….good writing da…..

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