My Reservations on RESERVATION!

Ours is probably the only society, where people pride themselves of their ‘BACKWARD’ or ‘MOST BACKWARD’ (sic) social status. It is not the merit or the capability of an individual that matters for one to get into any educational institution, but the BACKWARDNESS of one’s caste. When the whole world should concentrate on progress, both economical and social, we as a nation still want to retain and maintain BACKWARDNESS in our castes, and give them special treatment.

Reservation for what? Being born in a caste, which is classified as BACKWARD in some government order or gazette? Should an important decision of life as Education be left to be decided by fate? What is the good that these politicians are bestowing on the society other than consolidating their Vote Bank?

I know there is always someone who says the hardships faced by the BACKWARD castes are not known to the others. Frankly, in my opinion no injustice is done to the people belonging to the BACKWARD castes at least in most parts of
INDIA. Rather, their faction has become strong over the past few years, with numerous political wings of their own mushrooming day by day.

It’s high time we are done with the Reservation system. Make every selection process in this country based on the Merit system. I know it is easier said than done. But these are the reforms we are supposed to be talking about to make this country one of the POWER nations. Reservations, especially based on caste / religion / language, are plans designed to destroy the bright future that
INDIA certainly can hope for.

Jai Hind

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on April 11, 2007.

11 Responses to “My Reservations on RESERVATION!”

  1. Jay, I cannot second your opinion. I know that people are playing with the reservations in India. But the sadder (mind my english pls!) part of this issue is that this provision of reservations has not yet reached the people for whom it was implemented even after 40-50 years. Actually the so called GOVERNMENTS should implement it in such a way that it should reach the people who are in real need of it. The solution that I can give is “AWARENESS” – as said by Swami Vivekananda…
    However if you disagree with this solution alone, there is one more reservations to be given based on economic situation of a person.
    If you completely remove reservations then we will become what Americans have become.. Yes we will be a developed nation.. But at the cost of those so called “BACKWARD” people… We will be following Survival of the Fittest policy only… If you want more explanation call me…

  2. Hi all you guys! You believe there is stuff called caste?? Is it applicable to people of hindu faith or to even mongolians and zulus?? Pray explain you educated illiterates!

  3. True Suppi,

    I do agree with you on this. I have mention clearly the evil part, reservation on the lines of Caste / religion / language. It would be good for the society if the Reservation system is implemented correctly for the economically backward section.


  4. I agree with you that reservations should be based on financial status of the people. However, I am saying that it was a good decision to implement reservations based on caste/religion/language 50 years back for 10-15 years as WE the INDIANS were believing in untouchability and were very superstitious. But now, things have changed and reservations should be based on financial status for atleast 10 years more and gradually this reservation system should be abolished. It cannot be taken away in a day as lot of people depend on it. When people become self sustained or like they should be able to support themselves and their family, this reservation system can be removed. As we live in a SOCIETY, we should be aiming at creating a better environment, system to live a peaceful and happy life. We should not be fighting like this for reservations and other systems. Else people at the lower end become frustrated and start illegal activities, terrorism (naxalism grows) and people who are greedy play with these lower end people’s emotions and use them for their own good. Thus poor and backward people cannot live a decent life… What say?

  5. Yes, agreed. But dont you think so that our nation gets very comfy with these perks, and then they dont want to get out of it ! That is what is happening now !

    Whenever you are planning to take it out, there will be a larger section at that time, backed by the poitical motives, that will force one to not take the reservation system out !

    Hope the times will change !


  6. Yeah Jai.. that’s the truth.. We have to accept it…

    Then.. What do u think? where is the problem?

    People should be made aware of values, self esteem etc… I dont know how this can be implemented in such a country where diversity is very high… May be “right education” is the siloution…

    We just have to hope that people change and system changes..


  7. IN this system i believe what u and me agree to be the best thing to be implemented is a tough one to be done…….

    lately i have been thinking that DICTATORSHIP for a decade will be a best try to INDIA ……..

    ‘People Unite when they are in Fear’…….

  8. Do you really think so? I don’t… I like India as it is.. I have no complaints with my country… Sometimes I do get frustrated seeing the situation around.. But u know what, I now know what complete FREEDOM means.. Man.. I can walk as I want, wherever I want to.. There are no clearly defined rules for that… When in Japan.. I cursed their rules of not crossing the road even when it was empty.. They all followed rules.. I know I am deviating from the real topic.. But I never told anyone about this after my return from a gizmo country… I can see more people happier here than I saw there…

  9. May be i was too excited, when i suggested DICTATORSHIP. Sometimes when in frustation, these ideas crop up in ur mind 🙂

    I too am happy with my life in this Country….but all it takes is a bit more responsibility on OUR part and some changes here and there to the corrupted system, to see a much more better country, that our forefathers envisioned.

    Hope I can count on you among the people who are envisioning a better country today

    Thanks suppi..

  10. hi
    i think we are perpetuating a viscious cycle by encouraging reservation. why would you need reservation if we can ensure that every person whatever religion, caste or creed he belongs to, can get good basic education? the government should spend more energy/time/finances on improving the grassroot, primary education system so that it can do away with reservation, but even 50 years from now we are not going to change situations a lot if we stick to more and more reservations…it easy for the politicians to keep doing this but the next gens are going to suffer more…..


  11. Correct JO ! I’m with u !!



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