Walk the talk with COO!

It’s not every other day you meet the COO of your company. And it’s not every other day too, that you get to talk to him or walk a few steps with him/her. But this was what happened to me this Wednesday. It was a usual day, with the same usual work and the same usual evening cab to drop me back. One difference though was the presence of our company’s COO in the cab that day. When all the passengers registered this development, rumors started floating in the cab, which was still not in motion and resting its whole in the company parking lot, on the various reasons behind his visit. One even went on to say, that the purpose of the visit was to assess the employees’ behavior in the cabs. I thought that rumor was rubbish, but to be on the safer side maintained my silence and did not even try to use my I-POD. And the journey began.

Length of the journey was marred by the COO trying to talk to the fellow passengers and getting a muted to a one line response. But by then it was clear that there was no purpose or hidden agenda behind the sudden attendance of the biggie in the cab. I was all eyes for my bus stop. At the bus stop, it was a surprise when the COO too got down from the cab behind me. As I started taking my own way to my home, I heard him approaching next to me and he asked me where I was put up. And from then on it was a question and answer session.

Let me tell you all readers that I was not scared or anything of those sorts, but it was just not usual for me to talk/walk with biggies. So, coming to the journey back home by walk with the COO, it started with his question and my answer to that. And then as if making sure that I did realize whom I am speaking to, he asked me whether I knew who he was. I smiled and answered “Yes Sir”. I was expecting the next question to be “Your Name?” or “So, you are….?”, but he did not seem to be interested in that. He then enquired on the project I was working on and how long I have been associated with this company, the answer to which (almost 2 years) did bring out a small smile of appreciation. I was just cursing myself on my inability to ask him the same questions back. How could I ask the COO “Which project you from?” or “How long have you been in this company?” It would sound dumb. And then unexpectedly the question that I was anticipating popped out from his mouth. “How do you feel here ? Any feedback?” I was about to tell him most of the things that I wanted to tell some biggie, that I realized the point of parting our ways was fast approaching. I had all the time (and courage :)) to tell him “All fine, Sir” and then the customary “I will take my leave sir, Good Night”.

And there ended the Walk the Talk with the COO of my Company!

PS: The next day, in a meeting, with his entrance, I did receive a special smile and a nod from him, which till then was reserved only to the Managers and the Leads.

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on April 20, 2007.

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