Raindrops were falling on my head!


It rained crazy on Wednesday (2nd May 2007) in Bangalore. And I while returning from my office, took at most pleasure in soaking myself in the rain. After a long time, it felt good, and flooded my thoughts with memories of my childhood.Those were the days, when I enjoyed rain the most. Especially on Wednesdays and Saturdays, when we had to be dressed in pure whites to the school. But, my mom never used to be impressed at the end of the day. I somehow used to manage soiling the white shirt, white half trousers and the white, newly creamed, boots and appear with a brown shade on my whole which ended up with a frown on my mom’s face. After a class on cleanliness and related subjects, the next week would be a repeat of the same. Though the non-rainy season was not that interesting for me, I somehow used to manage a light brown shade thanks to the dust and the mud.

In schooldays, I and my friends had a lot of theories to explain rain. The most common one was the mythological character Arjuna furiously riding his chariot and creating havoc. But the most funniest and gross theory was given by one of my friends who claimed, rain was nothing but GODs above us relieving themselves!

One weird thing I have noticed about rain is that, my personal experience, in my childhood, whenever (as far as I remember) they used to play the movie GANDHI on DD-National, it used to rain. Till date I haven’t reasoned it out, but I do surely remember that it did rain when they played it a few times.

One other good experience, and the most cherish able one that I have is of my grandfather teaching me to make a KATHTHI BOAT (paper boat with a protruding sharp edge at its bottom). He taught me how to make it and sail it in the rainwater puddle that used to form in from of our house. Now though I have lost touch in making those KATHTHI BOATS, I do recall those days when it rains, and say a THANK YOU to my grandfather.

And with these memories flooding my thoughts, I reached home fully drenched in rain. One other change that I noticed was that, my mom did not frown. Instead asked me to freshen up and have my food as it was late. And maybe because, I was no longer the child and the rain puddle outside my house was empty without any KATHTHI BOATS.

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on May 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “Raindrops were falling on my head!”

  1. Hi Jai,

    After I read this I too drenched in my past memories.
    Thanks for sharing your sweet memories. If anyone read this definitely they turn their heads towards their past, I bet.


  2. Hey Jai, really nice one.it was a pleasant flashback to the childhood thats faded away with time i guess… I could feel the rain and the boat thing, i used to do that too… Awesome da. felt so good to read such a thing after a long long time. Great Going boy…

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