Re – Take!

Sometimes when listening to songs, I have felt that it could have been a better composition, disliking some of the elements of the song. I believe everyone out there have felt the same sometimes. A song sometimes is so enchanting that some minor glitches in between strikes a jarring note. Below are few such songs in my opinion.

1] Pehla Nasha (Movie: Jo Jeetha Wohi Sikandar [Hindi])

 Not exactly a jarring note, but it is my sincere opinion that this song would have been a lot better if it would have been a solo rather than a duet. Even otherwise it is not a normal duet; it is just the male and the female characters singing each stanza. After the first stanza and the first bridge there is an undeniable desire to hear more of Udit Narayan’s voice as the same voice started the song, that still is one my favorites.
2] Sundari (Movie: Dalapathi [Tamil]) 

 Ilayaraja is indeed a great composer. A true maestro. But it is not uncommon of him to compose a song has a superb start (pallavi) but loses out in the intermediate music bridges. I have been aware of this in many of his songs, most notable in this very melodious and romantic song from the Maniratnam film Dalapathi. It starts with the great voices of SPB and Janaki, but the music bridge (charanam) in between the stanzas just don’t seem to blend with the main melody. I do agree on screen it depicts a battle scene, but still the jarring bridge is not justified. In this regard I love the music bridges of A R Rahman (not that Ilayaraja has none to his credit, he has far too many).
3] Preethi yeke (Movie: Excuse me [Kannada])

 This song is a good romantic melody. Everything is so perfect except for the male voice in the song. I have felt, whenever I listen to this song, this had to be sung by someone with more MALENESS in the voice. The voice in the song has a touch of feminism which does not blend with the mood of the song. I would have preferred a voice like SPB or Hariharan for this song.

I know it’s easy to post the comments/views than actually creating music. This post is just to convey that one cannot please everyone at all times. All the three tracks listed above are great ones, all three being my favorites, but still I felt something amiss and just noted it down.

‘Music Can Knock ME Down’ – Jayanthan R

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on May 15, 2007.

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