Designing Logos..

From my junior college days I was excited about creating logos and bizarre sketches. Those were the times when the boring classes were always an invitation to sketch names, themes and movie names in the last pages of the note books. Though mostly it was a hobby or a pass-time activity, it has on few occasions helped me when I was involved with extra-curricular activities. The first time it happened was when I was planning the first cultural day of our Engineering College (I was the Cultural secretary for the four years I was in college). We named the event as ‘CAROUZAL’ and I took the responsibility of designing a Logo for the same. Though the logo was appreciated and applauded by many, the then reigning principal of our college, the EVER – REPLACABLE short sighted person, Dr. Chaitanya Kumar cancelled the whole event and that unfortunately even aborted the logo going public. For reasons unknown even to me today, we never considered naming the Cultural day for the next three years (by then Dr. Chaitanya Kumar was long ousted from the institution) and that meant the pre-mature death of my first Logo. But this year, after about two years of my exit as a graduate from the college, my friend, who is my junior and the present Cultural secretary of the college, called on me regarding the Cultural day for the present year and asked me to suggest a name for the same. The first name that came to my mind was CAROUZAL and to my amazement they used the same for the Cultural day, though the Logo was still not used.

Now, at my workplace, the onus of designing Logo’s came to me twice, during team outings for the project mates. The first time it was I and my friend Vishal who designed the logo for the First team outing, and the next time around it was with my talented friend Avi. I relish the responsibility and confidence that people had on me and used the same logos for both the outings. The challenge during the design of these was trying to fit in all the suggestions and requirements of all those managers in the team. But sometimes they too were co-operative and understood that ALL can’t go into ONE.



 The First outing logo at workplace


The Logo for the second outing at workplace

Above are the CAROUZAL logo and the Logos designed for the team outings, namely ‘PRAVAAS’ and ‘PRAVAAS – II’.

Hope future has more opportunities to nurture my hobby.

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on June 25, 2007.

4 Responses to “Designing Logos..”

  1. can i know the meaning for both carouzal and pravaas….the 1st one sounds fundoo and creative…..its good!!!!

  2. CAROUSAL -> means Celebration…excitement ! the ‘S’ is replaced by ‘Z’ too make it that ‘fundoo’ 🙂

    Pravaas -> the sanskrit word for TRIP or PICNIC. the V and S in the logo is derived from the client company’s name I work for.

  3. This one attaracted me coz even am interested in designing logos.Even i do this wen am really very bored / depressed / excited


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