It is not what you gather but what you scatter..

I read this one-liner somewhere and liked it a lot.

“It is not what you gather but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived.”

I believe it talks about KNOWLEDGE. A person learns a lot in his/her lifetime, but sometimes forgets that with learning comes the responsibility of sharing the same with people with a thirst to learn. A man who cannot share his knowledge and expects to be respected on the grounds of his knowledge deserves no respect.

I know a man, whom I considered to be a sort of a mini encyclopedia, who not only shared what he knew all his lifetime but also had a thirst to learn something from everyone till the last day of his life. It was always easy for him to explain the most complex of theories or formulae or historical facts in a simple manner, and put it across in a language depending on the age of the listener. I have seen children, middle aged people and oldies all getting to know a lot from him. He never made people around him feel that he knew a lot. Actually, he always used to say everyone knew so many things and it was good to share it. This might be the reason that when it comes to matters of computer technology of electronic gadgetry, he used to seek answers/opinions from me. And when he did not know it, he would never hesitate to ask me, his grandson, about the same and also make me do a KNOW-HOW-TO-OPERATE checklist for himself. That great quality of being simple and humble and not boast about his knowledge is what I always adore in my Grandfather.

He was a genius with History, Crosswords, Fables, Idioms, Sports, geography and world matters. I still remember a Crossword program in Doordarshan, where contestants used to compete on a crossword puzzle. When all the viewers would be waiting to see which of the two contestants would answer first, I always used to wait to see when my grandfather would miss to answer before the two contestants. And that never happened.

There is a reason for me blogging this now. My grandfather is not alive now. It’s been more than a year since he left us. And in the meantime I have regretted of all the knowledge that I have never bothered to learn from him. He was always telling me to start doing crosswords which would improve my English, but have never done it. He also took the pain of teaching me to play the card game ‘Bridge’, but I never bothered to practise it. He was also bent upon sharing his knowledge with everyone. I feel that is a great philosophy and being a grandson, I am trying to Learn and share the learning with everyone.

There are lots of memories of my grandfather, but I felt this virtue of his is a great one, and should be respected and followed. Learn from everyone, irrespective of them being elder or younger to you. Share what you know to the needy, in way they understand.

Because, knowledge is wisdom……

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on August 3, 2007.

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