India 60..


First, Wishes on our country’s 60 years of independence.

I just thought this was the right moment to take a look back and analyze certain things. 60 Years of Independence is fine, but don’t you all feel there are matters which are not attended to from the beginning? Are we now realizing what our fore fathers had dreamt of?

We talk about the freedom struggle, the independence, August 15th for a few days in the second week of August. That’s when we dust out all the famous patriotic movies and watch them being telecasted on the televisions. This second week is when schools force young minds to dress up like Subhas Chandra Bose, Gandhi and the likes and have a 4 hour program. The next bout of patriotism will hit most of our countrymen only during the third week of January. May be I am over critical, but as per my definition of what is part of patriotism I believe I am right in saying this.

With Freedom comes Power, and with power, Responsibility. We struggled for that freedom for 3 centuries and when we got the freedom and power we lost the sense of responsibility in us. Unfortunately this has been in practice for the past 60 years, and now is embedded in most our minds. We blame the government, we want everything to be done by the government, and as citizens we do nothing in return. We are responsible for the bad government at the top, we are responsible for the bad roads or bad infrastructure as most of us do not even bother to pay our taxes right. And when it comes to following the rules and regulations, we stand at the last with the majority of our population always opting for a shorter route or taking pride in going against the rules of law.

This might sound not right, showcasing the wrong things on such an occasion. Trust me, I have just mentioned only few of our shortcomings, there are lots more. This day, instead of forwarding the usual messages of ‘Happy Independence Day’, let’s try to make ourselves better in a small way. We talk about resolutions on New Year’s Eve. Let’s have one such today.

Let’s make up a resolution that we will try to be an Honest, Law abiding, model citizen of India. A nation is because of its people. If we are right, the nation is Right.

Be Right. Love India.

Jai Hind.


~ by Jayanthan Ravi on August 14, 2007.

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