PIXAR – At its delicious best again!


It is usual to expect PIXAR Animation Studios to churn out meaningful animation entertainers. Once again they have cemented this belief, by presenting RATATOUILLE (pronounced RAT-A-TOO-EE).

RATATOUILLE trailers were first showcased during PIXAR’s previous CARS shows in cinemas. This did generate the interest in this venture among the film goers. The first word remark about the movie -> FUNTASTIC!

PIXAR Animation Studio seems to be getting better at animation technology, with the ‘world’ in its films’ canvas closer to the actual world. Adding to this technical brilliance, the characterization and handling of the emotions, which has been a forte of both PIXAR and Walt Disney Pictures makes this movie, as I see it, a better one than its predecessor CARS. CARS, though a brilliant work of imagination, did not connect with me as much as RATATOUILLE due to its lack of the ‘HUMAN’ factor. But with RATATOUILLE, it is the perfect combination of IMAGINATION, EMOTIONS, MESSAGE, and CHARACTERIZATION that makes it for me a better fare than the splendid CARS.

I am not going to talk about the plot or its characters. It is a thing to be experienced. I am blogging this to express my astonishment and excitement over the animation film. Some people have dubbed it, without watching the film, as an ‘Animation film for the children’. Trust me, its not. It’s for everyone. This is one more feather in PIXAR’s hat, having made a genre that was thought to be for the children reach out to all age groups.

This week, if you have decided to watch a movie, watch RATATOUILLE, at a cinema near you. If it’s not running at a cinema near your place, wait till November 2007 to buy the original DVD and watch it. But make sure, YOU WATCH THIS ONE…..

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on September 3, 2007.

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