Getting older….and a new wish

It is very hard for me to accept that I have crossed 24 years of my life. Still feel like a kid and want to shy away from all those responsibilities on one side, and on the other a strong urge to prove myself in the world. Well, those urges last for a moment before being occupied in the work station with some work.

It was in these thoughts, last week; there was a new desire in my heart. It can be termed weird by anyone, I do not care, but there is certainly a thought behind it. The desire is simple, when I die, I wish there are at least 500 people in my funeral. This, I believe will be the only certificate of my deeds and good work down here.

But there is a catch! It is going to be a very very very long wait…especially for me !

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on October 1, 2007.

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