Trip to Coorg…

Coorg Collage

 I was going to Coorg after 5 years; the first visit was when I was in college. Till date the college trip to Coorg remains as one of my most cherished moments of my college life. But now, five years down the line, life has changed a lot. I have changed a lot. And the first thing I noticed, when we reached Madikeri, that even Coorg has changed a lot.

We started at around 9:30 pm on the 26th October from the office premises. We were eighteen of them, from all ranks in the project. Three project managers, few project leaders and other developers like me. But this distinction remained only till we were seated in the bus. From then on, it was a joy ride.

We reached Madikeri on the morning of 27th October. We had hired a new resort house, in the outskirts of Madikeri, which had 5 rooms to accommodate us. Once washed up, we all had a quick brunch in the Madikeri town and headed towards Talacauvery. Talcauvery was getting being renovated with construction activities all over the place. We visited the temple and the view point in Talacauvery. From there we made our way back to the resort to have dinner and a small camp fire. The camp fire was riddled with jokes and the famous/infamous incidents in the office. The next day we went to Abbey falls. The water area was restricted and no one was allowed to go past the suspension bridge. From there on we moved to a place which was the backwaters of the Harangi dam. Some of them rinsed themselves for a while in water there and then we headed towards Kushal Nagara Buddhist temple. The Buddhist centre has numerous temples (or monasteries???) inside its campus. The main one has 3 statues, center one being Buddha of 60ft in height, and the other 2 statues of Guru Padmasambhava and Buddha Amitayus of 58ft. The later two are the followers of Buddha. The statues are made up of Copper, plated with gold

Then it was all the way back to Bangalore. The fun was unlimited inside the bus on the way back to Bangalore, with mimicry, anthakshari dominating most part of the journey.

Coorg is the perfect place to run away from this urban crowd and get lost in the nature.

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on November 26, 2007.

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