Blue Umbrella – A Visual treat

The Blue Umbrella  

We decided to test the MOD [Movie on Demand] offered to us by Tata Sky (we are proud subscribers NOW!). As an inaugural offer they did offer us one free MOD and we decided to put that to good use. The first debate was on the movie to be selected; fortunately TATA SKY did not take up this responsibility. The ones available in the movie showcase were, Awaarapan, Bheja Fry, Shootout at Lokhandwala and The Blue Umbrella. As we had seen Bheja Fry already and no one wanted to watch the terror drama Shootout we decided to go for ‘The Blue Umbrella’. Awaarapan was not even considered for the selection. Once chosen TATA SKY plays the movie till Midnight.

I had read about the film in some reviews which were all positive. The names Vishal Baradwaj and Gulzar did create some expectations in me. And did they meet? Well, frankly..more than that !

The story is simple. A girl in a remote village with an attractive blue umbrella, is suddenly grieved by the loss of it and she suspects all those in the village who had an eye on it, especially the ‘Kathri’, the tea shop owner, amazingly portrayed on screen by Pankaj Kapur.

Never before, have I seen Himachal so beautifully captured on screen, with all the green and the snow white during the last part of the movie. The director goes poetic when on screen he shows the transformation to the winter, from the cotton dust to snow flakes. The other main character of the movie is the music. The songs and the BGM do add to the feel and look of the film.

It’s a treat to watch this one. Though categorized as a children’s film, it is for all ages.

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on December 4, 2007.

One Response to “Blue Umbrella – A Visual treat”

  1. hi da
    looks like you have a jolly good time…last few weeks…. 🙂

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