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It was 10th December 2006 , the venue was the Palace Grounds in Bangalore hosting the Bengalooru Habba, an annual festival celebrating the spirit of Bangalore. Actually we friends had been there to attend the concert of the famous percussionist Sivamani. The said concert was to take place later that evening and when we arrived at the venue it was announced that a local band called ‘Raghu Dixit project’ would be performing. We just ignored the announcement, assuming the band to be a local gang of youngsters with bass guitar in hand and with a weird theme of ‘Indo-world-folk-rock’.

They entered the stage in a unique dress code, of kurta tops and ‘sadhu’ dhotis and necks covered with strings of beads and rudrakshas. Again, we termed this as a ‘Show’ of their weirdness, but were also a little anxious to know the ‘Music’ they would play. And then Raghu started with their hit number ‘Mysore se ayi’……….and it was then he added more numbers to his fan club from the crowd. The instrumentation, the unique blend of folk and rock, and the powerful voice of the man Raghu Dixit himself was hard to resist. They followed it with more numbers, and when they bid farewell to the stage, the one thought on everyone’s mind was ‘When would they release their album..’

The thought turned into a question, the question took the form of prayer…and the prayers were answered on the first week of March 2008 when note music duo Vishal and shekar released the album of Raghu Dixit in their label.

The album has 8 tracks, including all the hit numbers played in the Bengalooru Habba concert. It has 6 Hindi tracks (with little bit of English thrown here and there) and 2 Kannada tracks.

1] Hey Bhagwan – This ought to be the first song of Raghu Dixit to be Video graphed. It’s a fun-loving song.
2] Mysore Se Ayi – Raghu Dixit’s major hit number. Beautiful lyrics with amazing music score and rendered in a powerful voice by Raghu.
3] Gudgudiya Sedi Nodo – A philosophical song born out of the verse of the 19th century sufi saint of Karnataka, Santha Shishunala Sharif.
4] Ambar – The longest track in the album and the most romantic and soothing track of the album too.
5] Khidki – A refreshing track with the theme of old memories.
6] No Man will Ever Love You – A love song calling back an old love in a soothing tone.
7] I’m in Mumbai – A fun song about the life in Mumbai city, on the lines of the famous Md. Rafi Track ‘Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan’
8] Soruthihudhu Maniya – Another philosophical song, again a verse of Santha Shishunala Sharif, which talks about ignorance in the world.

The strong points of Raghu Dixit’s Music and his first album can be summarized in the following points:

* Powerful voice that can sing songs of various genre
* Rich instrumentation
* Meaningful and suitable lyrics from Raghu Dixit and Niraj ‘Kaakh’ Singh
* Beautiful composition of 19th century sufi verses, which would have made Santha Shishunala Sharif proud
The Audio CD has been released by ‘Vishal & Shekar’ Label. It is priced at INR 149/- , which includes a magnificent package of the journey of Raghu Dixit and his music, the lyrics for all the songs with the kannada version for the 2 tracks ‘Gudgudiya..’ and ‘Soruthihudhu..’, and a special Bonus Disc featuring the 2 hit numbers ‘Mysore se Ayi’ and ‘Ambar’ to be gifted to someone special.

If you are interested in good music, different music, refreshing music….go GRAB a copy now !

For more information on Raghu Dixit visit www.raghudixit.com

[PS: My bonus disc is still with me 😛 ]


~ by Jayanthan Ravi on March 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Raghu Dixit’s Music”

  1. Hi Jay , Nice to see your blog ,,,, i have created a photomix for one of Raghus song ,, here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIMRTWp0VV8

    Wassup buddy ,, Keep in touch.. 🙂

  2. hes the very good singer i think because without any ones support he came forward thats why support him guys .let him have a good future.

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