Spiced up and served HOT !

News channels in all languages are going over the board to create a sensation even with a small bit of information they gather. Recent examples are the parallel investigation of the Arushi murder case and the communalization of the Amarnath land issue. Letting know what is happening is good, but going further and telling people ‘what they think happened’ is not right. The reason the private news channels gained popularity over the national news bulletin, in their initial days is due to the fact that they were ready to bring out issues and matters that sometimes were suppressed in the government run national channel owing to political compulsions. But things have changed a lot in both the camps and the private players have, unfortunately, opted for sensationalism.

When the public do have a right to know what is happening, it is not right on the part of the news channel to air their own ‘version’ of the story sometimes camouflaged as a ‘Scoop’ or ‘inside source revelation’.

The news channels should be aware that media has the power to ignite the minds of thousands of its viewers. It should act responsibly and not over sensationalize any matter. The Arushi murder case is the most shocking incident where the news channels are carrying out various theories of their own and even dramatizing them for the benefit of the viewers. This might even affect the course of normal justice while the matter is still sub judice.

The news channels are in constant search for a sensational subject and when they get one, they drop unceremoniously the current one they are pursuing. Stamp paper scam kingpin Telgi was dropped suddenly for the death of the kolkata man Rizwanur Rehman and suddenly his story is not heard at all and the kidney racket accused Dr. Amit kumar’s face is all over the screen for few days only to be dropped suddenly and the limelight is now focused on Arushi and Shinjini. This shows the real concern of reporting the truth to the public. These news channels are responsible for making a short term public hero of previously unheard people, and sometimes even for the wrong reasons.

Considering all this, I would prefer the old fashioned 80’s Doordarshan 9 PM news, where the news bulletin is objective and no additional investigation or probe goes in from the bulletin board. Matter of fact – this happened at this place when these people were there and now the matter is in court with the next hearing on a given date – and nothing more. I would be happy with that now.

Hope the news channels realize the same and stop over-doing it, each and every time something happens.

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on July 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Spiced up and served HOT !”

  1. hi da
    when refering to th DD news, i think you meant to say ‘ objetive’ instead of ‘subjective’??


  2. Yes, it should read as ‘Objective’. Corrected in the post.

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