Gold at last

Abhinav Bindra gave India the long desired individual gold medal at Beijing Olympics. It was a great day for India and Abhinav.

Needless to say, as it always happens in our country, Abhinav was instantly rewarded by various state governments, or should we say ‘politicians’, with cash rewards. It is indeed a good thing to recognize one’s achievement and reward the person. But I was just wondering, if these politicians ruling the various states, divert a part of their so-called development funds to build real world class infrastructure for sportsmen, we would not be in a situation to pray for that ‘ONE’ medal at Olympics.

Every time the Indian contingent fails to deliver more than one medal at Olympics there are talks from various quarters on the pathetic state of infrastructure for development of sports. These accusations and counter accusations lasts for a few days later forgotten till a new contingent returns from Olympics with a disappointing show.

All I feel bad about is that our country with the second largest population in the world fails each and every time to put up a decent show at Olympics. In contrast smaller countries (in terms of population and size) like Poland, Cuba, and Ethiopia etc. manage to win more medals than us.

Lets just hope the ‘Kumar’ trio in the boxing camp help us to increase our medal count this year from ‘ONE’.

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on August 18, 2008.

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