12 Angry Men – A Short Review

My friend, Tejas, recently recommended the movie ’12 Angry men’ to me. Frankly, till then I had never heard about such a movie. He then said that it is an old B&W movie made in late 1950’s. But the reason I really got interested in this recommendation was because, he mentioned that the whole movie was shot in a single room – in a single setting.

The movie takes off brilliantly from the start. The characters and their personalities are gradually disclosed to the viewer as and when required. The cast of actors have done their part remarkably well, though at times it seems that Henry Fond does steal his moments (Henry Fonda was also the co-producer of the movie). Apart from the unique situation, that of a jury in a criminal case with a split verdict, in which the movie is set, it is also the dialogues (or the arguments of the case) that keeps us hooked to the screen. There is no moment where there is a distraction or a chance for the viewer to yawn. The brilliant pace, the heated debates, the moments of short surprises keeps us interested till the very end. It’s a masterpiece and I would recommend this as a ‘MUST WATCH’!

I am keeping this review short without even giving the synopsis of the film, so as to let you enjoy the film.

 Happy Viewing….

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on June 5, 2009.

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