Comedy in Indian Cinema

Here are some of my favorite comedy sequences / movies from Indian cinema. The list is not exhaustive. Also, as I primarily watch Tamil, Hindi and Kannada movies among Indian Langauages, the list comprises of movies from the above mentioned languages only.

1] Thiruvilayaadal  [Language – Tamil]

 Nagesh in his career best, according to me. This whole sequence is one episode from the film. Nagesh gets into the skin of the character ‘Dharumi’ and with his voice modulation gives one of the best comic lines ever. It’s a treat to watch even after so many years. This is evergreen comedy.

2] Aboorva Sagodharargal  [Language – Tamil]

No, not Kamal Hassan or Crazy Mohan. Its the investigation duo of inspector-constable who keep you in splits. Jangaraj was just too good ably supported by Shivaji. You can’t stop yourself laughing out wild each and every time when Jangaraj mouths lines such as – “No Silly feelings!” to his assistant.

3] Kadhanayagan  [Language – Tamil]

One scene in this movie makes this eligible for this list. It’s a favorite of many – the ‘Going to Dubai’ scene. With this you get the deadly combo of Pandiarajan and S.Ve.Shekher, both of whom can make you laugh with just their looks.

4] Karagaatakaaran  [Language – Tamil]

Talk about comedy in Tamil films and you can’t miss the ‘Vaazhaipazham’ joke. The famous pair of Goundamani-Senthil give their best in this. I feel this movie was a blockbuster only because of this comedy track and super hit songs from IR.

5] Ganeshana Madhuve  [Language – Kannada]

I consider Anant Nag as one of the good comedians in Indian Cinema. He made a mark with is ‘Ganesha Series’. And this one is the first one. The favorite scene of mine is the ‘Ramanamoorthy Scene’. “Modlindlu Namm naayi hesaru ‘Ramanamoorthy’ antha!…” – Very funny.

6] Jaane Bhi do Yaaro  [Language – Hindi]

The movie is a satire, a commentary on the political scenario of those times. But who can forget the ‘Mahabharata scene’ towards the end of the movie. A whole bunch of thugs enter in the stage, replacing the real actors, and end up playing ‘Mahabharata’ their own way. Class act!

7] Andaz Apna Apna  [Language – Hindi]

The only comedy directed by Raj Kumar Santhoshi. A full length Slapstick humor film makes it impossible to pick any particular scene as a favorite. It’s filled with the funny characters – Film producer (Mehmood), Inspector of a new police station (Tiku Talsania), Crime master Gogo (Shakthi Kapoor at his best), sidekicks of villain (Viju Khote and Shehzad Khan) and the villain itself (Paresh Rawal). You can’t stop laughing till the end.

8] Gol Maal  [Language – Hindi]

The 1979 cult classic by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. No double entendres, just pure comedy. A full length comedy featuring brilliant actors like Utpal Dutt and Amol Palekar. Actually it is appreciated more because of Opal Dot than the latter. With his high pitched voice and ‘shudd’ Hindi fascination he gave the audience some of the best comic scenes. Hard to pick a particular scene from this laugh riot. Don’t miss to enjoy the great theme music which plays in the background.

Keep Smiling…..


~ by Jayanthan Ravi on October 13, 2009.

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