Missing ‘Cricket’..

Cricket, as I knew it was different. We had 2 forms of cricket – Test and ODIs. We used to have matches during specific ‘cricketing seasons‘, and we used to religiously cheer for the national team. The whole family used to watch the LIVE telecast in the state run ‘Doordarshan’ and would discuss the score and results the next day with friends. I could tell off-hand who was playing in the national team for ODI and for test. It was simple to remember. And then, 20-20 happened. I am not against change, but I personally don’t like this form of cricket. 20-20 took cricket away from being a sport to entertainment. Many can argue that sports and entertainment are the same. I cannot give a good counter-argument to that, but this is my personal opinion. Cricket as I knew doesn’t exists anymore. I am not able to tell a day when cricket match of some format is not happening in some part of the world. I am not able to track who’s playing for which team, national or corporate-owned. With the latest reports of scams in the IPL, I have completely stopped watching cricket. I dread to see actors and business men taking all the attention and making cricket an excuse. I pray for the day, when normalcy returns and I can watch the national team play their ODIs and Test matches on TV (I am not specific about ‘Doordarshan’).

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on April 25, 2010.

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