Enthiran – Movie Review

This movie has been in the making for a long time. A ‘Rajni’ movie in itself is a festival in some parts of India, but this time it grabbed more limelight because of its budget, speculations of ‘never-seen-before’ special effects and promise of a sci-fi plot after a long time in Indian screen. Association of big names like Aishwarya Rai, A R Rahman, Resul Pookutty and Stanwinston Studios drove the media and the laymen into frenzy. And at last, with all the hype and attention the movie hit the silver screens across the world on the 1st of October 2010.

I watched the movie in Bangalore in Rex Cinemas on the 3rd of October 2010 at 11:30 AM. Following is my review of ‘Enthiran’:

The Negatives first:
– Movie is a bit too long….in the second half I actually looked at my watch once….first time while watching a Rajni movie!
– Movie could have done with couple of songs less…..the main in this list would be Kilimanjaro (though beautifully shot in a breath taking locale)
– Could have snipped off few scenes which add no real value to the movie (like the mosquito sequence). This would have reduced the movie length and made the movie more crispier.

The Positives:
– Rajni, Rajni & Rajni….yes, the man carries the movie in his able shoulders, not in one but totally three avatars (I won’t tell what those are). He has shown great restraint, minus the usual antics in the role of scientist. But wait till you see the ‘evil’ persona of robot….for some (though not for many) it will be a revelation….laugh out loud at people who say Rajni can’t act…
– You have a good plot/storyline. This is not your usual Rajni flick. This has character & message.
– Technically brilliant – be it cinematography / Music / Direction / Stunts and the much talked about Special effects (After reading the other reviews, don’t go with a super hyper expectation and imagination. Just go without expectation, you will be surprised)
– Complete entertainer – This is not a complete sci-fi or a usual masala fare. It’s a concoction of all that is staple for an entertainer. The movie has thrills/action/romance/humour/emotions all woven into the screenplay.
– ARRs music. Yes, the movie could have done with fewer songs, but what we have is great. Added to that, the BGM is splendid.
– Shankar. The man’s amazing vision and great sense of screenwriting has paid off well. Hats off to his vision and effort.
Initially when it was announced that Rajni will do ‘Robo’, I was not sure that Rajni can pull off such a role. We are all used to seeing Rajni in a ‘Larger-than-life’ heroic character, but to see him in a sci-fi would be something else. But what a surprise! He is just splendid both as a scientist and a Robot. And you get more towards the end of the movie. Other than the characters essayed by Rajni, the other characters seem not so important, spare that of Aishwarya Rai. But nobody complains, off the screen. Fans will be shocked to see the movie without the ritualistic ‘Introduction’ song or any ‘punch dialogues’. The movie starts and gets into the storyline immediately, garnished with light humour at places. Kids will enjoy some of the ‘Robot acts’.

Cinematography is top-notch. Rathnavelu has managed to bring out crystal clear images with the right colour tone required. Amazing art direction by Sabu Cyril (he even gets a small acting role) brings out a futuristic feel to the movie. Music and sound have played a major role in raising the standard and the quality of the movie. As said before, the movie could have done with a couple of songs less, but the songs complement the movie and its theme. Dialogues by Shankar and Karky are apt and they keep it simple, that enables even a non-technical person to enjoy the film, by not overloading with technical jargons. Same goes to the lyrics by Vairamuthu and Karky too; they have tried to ‘Tamilize’ the science to make it enjoyable to the common man. And they do succeed to an extent in that.

Technically, as said by many, it will take some time to better the climatic sequence of ‘Enthiran’. The animatronics aided by the grand imagination of Shankar, surely does set the screen on fire. The last 20 minutes of the movie is real ‘paisa vasool’. And this is also the part, where Rajni gives a splendid performance, which is surely going to drive the audience crazy. A thrilling end to an awesome movie. But wait; there is an epilogue too, with the ‘message’ from the movie.

The movie has its flaws, but one tends to overlook and forgive those when in awe of watching a technically brilliant masala entertainer.
Now, the BIG question? Should one watch it?
Answer – YES! Should watch it at least once. Though we are still a long way to catch up with Hollywood (or do we really need to do that?) we sure have the imagination and the means of converting that into a cinematic experience. This is truly a magnificent effort mounted on a lavish scale. Go watch it…!!!


~ by Jayanthan Ravi on October 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Enthiran – Movie Review”

  1. Swalpa piteel aaitu. Should have cut short the review to one paragraph 🙂

    • I agree with Sudhi..

      The first weekend, the prices here were $27. During the first week its still $20. I am waiting for it reduce to the normal pricing of Hollywood movies ($8-$10) if not to the pricing of any other Indian movie ($6-$8)..

  2. Hey Jai.. nice review and i totally agree with all that you have mentioned. the mosquito scene sucked, but the graphics at the end was sooperb… Felt like some Hollywood movie in certain scenes. Rajni has done just awesome in the negative shade… Cinematography is amazing. And I loved Kilimanjaro and kadhal anukal songs 🙂
    Overall ur review rocksss and Enthiran double rocks 🙂

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