T M Krishna Concert @ Gaayana Samaja on 31st Oct 2010

What really made me want to attend a Carnatic music concert were the YouTube promos of ‘Margazhi Raagam‘. It was my dear friend Tejas again, who sent me the link and urged me to have a look at the promos. After watching the promos over and over again, I just wanted to know if T M Krishna was the best Carnatic singer in this generation. As such I am not totally ‘Uneducated’ when it comes to Carnatic music; I do know some names. But there ends my knowledge, for I do not know any raagams, compositions or the composers. There were days when I used to think Saint Thyagaraja was the renowned Thyagaraja Bhagavathar (I did not even bother to check their lifetimes back then).

Tejas did enlighten me a bit about T M Krishna, that he was a crowd puller and also a disciple of the stalwart Semmangundi Srinivasa Iyer. So, when Tejas called me up about a T M Krishna concert in Gaayana Samaja, Bangalore on the 31st of October 2010 I was more than interested and curious. The auditorium was completely packed with fans and music lovers. They had to lay out extra chairs in the aisle and the exit pathways to accommodate the crowd. The concert started at around 6:15 PM with Mrudangam, Violin, Ghatam and 2 Tamburas as accompanying instruments. Here I would like to thank my dear friend Tejas, who himself is a trained Carnatic vocalist and an ardent fan of the music, for distracting himself from the music and telling me what song was being performed, the raagam it is based on and the original composer of the song. He pointed out to me the moment a raagam was changed in between a song, and explained to me the rendition of ‘Raagam-Thanam-Pallavi’. To me, who does not have any (or much) knowledge of the Carnatic music, the most captivating part of the performance was T M Krishna’s voice. Clear, crisp and enthralling. He adds an enormous amount energy into the rendition with his body language and he too enjoys the music, which is evident from the periodically quips of ‘ah’ and ‘sabaash’, especially when the instrumentalists are performing their solo peices. Below is the list of songs that were performed in the concert; the list is compiled by Tejas.

SONG – Raagam(s)
* Devadeva – Mayamalvagowla
* Sanathana Paramapavana – Balamanjari
* Jagadhanandakara (Pancharathna krithi) – Naatai
* Narasimha Gaccha Parabrahma – Mohanam
* Maayamma Nannu (Main piece) – Natakuranji
* Raagam, Thanam Pallavi – Shuba Panthuvarali
   Pallavi Ragamalika (Begada, Shree, Nalinakanthi)
   Swaram Ragamalika (Kanada, Hamir Kalyani, Kaapi)
* Ranga Baro – Maand
* Shlokam – Ragamalika (Ananda Bhairavi, Sahana, Dhanyasi, Sindhu Bhairavi)
* Visweshwara Dharashana – Sindhu Bhairavi
* Kaavaa Kanna Vaa Vaa – Varali
* Mangalam – Madhyamavati

It all ended at around 10 PM but not one seemed to be tired. It was great fun attending a Carnatic music concert. It was a mesmerizing experience, and has infused a new kind of interest in me for Carnatic music.  Hope the next time I will be less of a trouble to my friend, and try to enjoy the music on my own.

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on November 8, 2010.

One Response to “T M Krishna Concert @ Gaayana Samaja on 31st Oct 2010”

  1. TM Krishna is certainly the best Carnatic music singer in this generation. This was one of his best concerts that I have ever attended. The fact that he dedicated this concert to his guru Shri. Semmangudi; it had to be special. He has taken special training in RTP and it is the most enthralling piece in any of his concerts.

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