Meri Pasand…Pan Pasand!

Certain favourites don’t change, even when we grow older and ‘wiser’. For me, relishing a ‘Pan Pasand’ candy is one such favourite thing. Those were the days, during the 90’s, when for kids it was inappropriate to eat the ‘paan’. But ‘Ravalgaon’ gave us a boon in ‘Pan Pasand’; a candy with the taste of ‘paan’. I am not sure, as I was young, but it must have been a rage back then. I for sure am a solid fan of the red candy with the ‘paan’ flavour and always waiting to pop one in mouth and relish the experience of the artificial ‘paan juice’ slowly flowing through the throat creating an air of ‘paan’ sensation in the mouth and the respiratory system. I would say I am arrested by my inadequate vocabulary to describe the fantastic experience. After all these years, having been exposed to the world of Ferrero Rochers and Hersheys, I still prefer the ‘Pan Pasand’. Apart from the unique taste, it also makes me nostalgic. It’s not only I; some of my friends too swear their allegiance to ‘Pan Pasand’. Over the years it hasn’t gone through a change except for the new wrapper and a costlier price tag – it cost 0.50 INR now. A small price for a fantastic experience.

Here is the Advertisement for ‘Pan Pasand’ from the 90’s…


~ by Jayanthan Ravi on January 3, 2011.

6 Responses to “Meri Pasand…Pan Pasand!”

  1. It Costs 50 paisa, Not Re 1.

  2. 🙂 Thanks for pointing it out Prashanth. I believe earlier it was .25 Paise.

  3. wow……relishing………..

  4. Shouldn’t you give credit of a picture to the original source when you use something from the internet?

    • I will keep in mind to acknowledge the pictures used in future or at least give a disclaimer clause stating that the pictures are not owned by me. Thanks for your observation.

  5. […] Image source […]

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