127 Hours – Review

I entered the cinema prepared for what I will go through. A story of a person, Aron Ralston, trapped in canyon for 5 days. The story told in a big canvas to bring out his grief and self-pity lines. I couldn’t be more wrong.

For a movie with such a premise, it starts of with an amazing musical split screen shots. The first few minutes are a real treat to the eyes, and you get loads of that treat throughout the movie. Split screens, orange sand, the bluer skies and the bluest waters, the visuals just leave you gasping for more.

Danny Boyle doesn’t waste time getting into the real story, and the expected fall happens unexpectedly to the viewer with no drama or a dramatic score. There is a brilliant musical score, but silence has been used to a good effect. Surprisingly, once Aron is trapped with the boulder, its not tears and pity all the way. There is humor, self-analysis, struggle, desperation, frustration, planning – a bouquet of human emotions. There is also a point in the film, where even in the deepest hour of crisis Aron is tempted to pleasure himself. I haven’t read the book by Aron Ralston, but the movie definitely makes you feel like you are seated in front of him during his crisis. James Franco deserves accolades for his brilliant performance. It’s astonishing to see Danny Boyle come out with this amazing biopic, after an India Cinema inspired pot boiler. The narration and the detailing is praise worthy. A R Rahman’s music is different and sets the mood of the film. The score is more emotional at times and uses a lot of other composers’ tracks.

There is a very hard and disturbing scene, of about few moments, towards the end of the movie which would not be suitable for very weak hearted people. Discount that, this is movie of true hope and courage. Loved the movie. Don’t miss this one.

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on February 2, 2011.

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  1. Writing a movie review has considerably improved.. 😛

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