Only Time Will Tell – Book Review

Jeffrey Archer is a widely read novelist in the sub-continent. He has been acknowledged as a ‘Master Storyteller’ who is capable of conjuring up good stories. His writing usually is packed in a well paced narrative with dollops of witticism strewn around. He is never as detailing as Forsyth or as short as James Hardly Chase. After the success of ‘Kane & Abel’, he followed it up with two sequels – ‘The Prodigal Daughter’ and ‘Shall We Tell the President’ (re-written to become a sequel). The other time he wrote a series was during his prison time; he came up with three books of his prison experiences. So this is the first time, he has set out to write a five volume series, what he calls the ‘Clifton Chronicles’, with ‘Only Time Will Tell’ being the first book of the five volumes.

Archer has changed his style a bit. The story is not told in linear narrative. I was reminded of a Tamil movie ‘Virumaandi‘ when I was reading through this book. The story is narrated by the major characters in the plot, one by one, from their ‘Point of View’. They all narrate the sequence of events, since the time they met with Harry Clifton, the protagonist, up until a point at which the narration moves into third person mode and eventually passes of the baton of narration to another character. The story unfolds in a mixture of first person and third person narratives. With the narration from each character, more flesh is added to the skeletal structure of the story which makes for an interesting read. Archer also maintains a suitable pace, which keeps the reader hooked to the book and turn the pages. The first book ends with a shocker, the kind you find at the end of Dan Brown’s chapters, which makes you yearn for the next book. This is a good start for the series and the first book manages to create an interest for the following volumes that are yet to arrive. But, Only Time Will Tell, how good the ‘Clifton Chronicles’ will turn out to be.

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on March 30, 2011.

3 Responses to “Only Time Will Tell – Book Review”

  1. Awesome maga.. Now I will have to buy this book… Your review inspired, intrigued me to read it..

  2. Well written review, made me want to read the book for sure. You havent narrated anything much about the plot and concentrated on how Jeffery has written it, and also kept it intriguing enough as in to say – Read it to know more type… I dint know this was a series… So valuable info for me

  3. Hey Jai.. I read this book.. very engrossing.. but the ending was not exactly my taste.. didnt know the book had more volumes coming up!! btw nice book review….

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