Bringing Home the Cup..

Kapil Dev lifting the shining Cup at Lord’s on the 25th of June 1983 was the sole image that convinced us all these years that we were one of the superpowers when it came to Cricket. But that was 27 years ago and India needed a re-assurance. After 1983, we have had our moments of glory in Cricket. By the end of the 80s we got Sachin Tendulkar. When he started playing, India was excited and the world – Speechless. He was at first compared to Don Bradman, and over the years most of them, Cricketers and laymen, agreed that he was the God of Cricket. The Indian Cricket team became a one man army.. almost.  

The 90s saw Sachin growing from strength to more strength. He conquered the cricketing teams with his batting prowess and became an object of fear even for the top in-form bowlers. To some, clinching Sachin’s wicket was more important than the match. Sachin won many battles for the Indian Cricket team over the next decade, but when it came to the war, the victory crown always eluded us. Twice after 1983, the Indians tried to reach the top and failed. In 1996, the team lost in the Semi Final match against Sri Lanka, in a rather unpleasant way in front of an unsporting crowd, at Eden Gardens Kolkata. It was a better show by Indians in the 2003 edition of the tournament, where the team played the Australians in the Final match but lost meekly without a fight.  

The hype was overwhelming during the start of 2011 edition of the tournament, with the Indian team being the favorites to lift the cup. It was widely known and accepted that this was the last world cup to feature Sachin Tendulkar and his last chance to be on the winning side of the coveted trophy. ‘Bleed Blue’ was the campaign slogan and most of the players seemed to playing this time to get the trophy. After few hiccups, a tie with England and a loss against South Africa, both matches that could have been won if not for the unimpressive middle order batting and some wayward bowling, we did manage to get into the Quarter Finals stage. The next two matches, against Australia in the Quarter Finals and against Pakistan in the Semi Finals were historic. The Indian team showed signs of maturity and its full power was displayed on the field. The team also had come out of the ‘Dependency-on-Sachin’ syndrome. They ended the chances of Australia, the defending champions, and sent them out of the tournament. They maintained their winning record against Pakistan in World Cups and went on to beat Sri Lanka to the lift the Cup, brining joy to the entire nation. It wasn’t an easy win; they had to fight it out in all the 3 matches at the end of the tournament to bring home the Cup. And then it happened. The scene that so many Indians wanted to witness over the years. Sachin lifting the World Cup and smiling with joy. History was made on 2nd April 2011 and the GOD of Cricket was part of it.

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on April 19, 2011.

One Response to “Bringing Home the Cup..”

  1. Well, I can die in peace now.. Whenever I do.. 😛 was waiting for this win since I started to watch the cricket.. The always eluding cup is finally our’s..

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