The Music of ‘The Beatles’

'The Beatles' performing on stage

It’s not unusual when it comes to Wikipedia and YouTube that you start searching for something which leads you to other material and so on till you end up engrossed in something totally unrelated to what you had started your search for. That day I don’t know what I was searching in YouTube, but I clicked on a song – “Beatles – You’ve got to hide your love away”. With John Lennon singing about suppressing one’s feelings, there was revelation of sorts and I was entrapped by the music of the legendary band – The Beatles.

I was not sure that the olden days’ English pop would appeal to me, and hence I had always maintained a ‘sound’ distance from the artistes of the 60s, 70s and 80s till lately. Till a few years ago all that I listened to in English music was Michael Jackson and some odd soundtrack album songs here and there. Part of it is attributed to my deficiency in the English language which makes it tough for me to follow the lyrics. I had heard about ‘The Beatles’ before, but was not sure when it came to listening to their music. I had read about how one of the members of the band (George Harrison) had come to India to learn Sitar from our own Maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar and its influence on their music afterwards. I have watched few of the band’s pictures and their famous drop-T logo, but was still two minded about their music till “You’ve got to hide your love away” happened.

The famous drop-T logo of 'The Beatles'

Their music has variety and they don’t stick to a particular ‘sound’. Though the orchestration is minimalist, they infuse new sounds and enrich their music. Their music is a delight for Guitar enthusiasts, with the instrument being the major accompaniment in all the compositions. They have experimented with “Electrical Sounds” with some of their songs like “Baby you’re a Rich Man”. The other major highlight of their songs is the lyrics. The lyrics, mostly written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, are meaningful and poetic. One of the recurring themes in their lyrics is Love, which gives a certain creative space for some amazing melodies. The words are simple and put to good use to convey the emotion and meaning of a song. Their distinct voices elevate the song to a greater level, especially those that are sung with unquestionable passion by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. George Harrison’s Sitar pieces in some of the compositions are outstanding. It is amazing to see the way the classical Indian music piece blended into mainstream pop compositions.

 And NOW, I am a fan of their music. The Beatles’ music is a new experience. Their music is addictive often resulting in repeated playbacks of some favourite songs. It’s amazing that their music is enthralling audience across the world for so many generations. Truly good music has no expiration date. Below is a list of songs that are my favourites. Listen to ‘The Beatles’ and indulge in “Beatlemania”…

* Song – Album
* Ask me why – Please Please Me 
* There’s a place – Please Please Me 
* P.S I love you – Please Please Me
* Please Please Me – Please Please Me 
* Get Back – Let it be 
* Across the Universe – Let it be 
* Girl – Rubber soul 
* In my life – Rubber Soul 
* Norwegian Wood – Rubber Soul 
* Here comes the sun – Abbey road 
* I’m a loser – Beatles for sale 
* I feel fine – Past Masters 
* Rain – Past Masters 
* The night before – Help 
* Tell me what you see – Help 
* You’ve got to hide your love away – Help 
* Yesterday – Help 
* With a little help from my friends – Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 
* Within you without you – Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
* Blackbird – White Album 
* Dear Prudence – White Album 
* Goodnight – Whitel Album 
* Ob La Di, Ob La Da – White Album 
* I will – White Album 
* Baby You’re a rich man – Magic Mystery Tour 
* Love you to – Revolver 
* Give Peace a change – John Lennon Single

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on September 26, 2011.

One Response to “The Music of ‘The Beatles’”

  1. Though I am not a beatle fan(even after u sent me a whole list of their compositions) I liked one song of theirs. I think they revolutionized pop music at that age, not to mention that they are the legends till date and will always be. But it was nice to read about the Beatlemania thats caught on you 🙂 Enjoy.. hail the Beatles 🙂

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