Dharwad Pedha – A delight from Line Bazaar

Babusingh Thakur Pedha, from the famous shop located at Line Bazaar in Dharwad, was always a favorite at home. I remember being told of its legacy in my childhood. I was told in childhood how the original proprietor used to prepare a limited quantity of his famed “Dharwad Pedha” and distributed it equally among the people waiting in queue early in the morning in front of his yet-to-be opened shop. Times have changed and so has the business model. The man, Babusingh Thakur, is long deceased and the enterprise is now run by some of his family members. The shop is now open like any other normal enterprise and the “Dharwad Pedha” is available over the counter at a quantity of the customers’ wish. I made my first trip to Dharwad recently and a visit to the shop was on my agenda. It was no difficulty to get directions to the shop as anyone and everyone in the city was more than eager to give the directions to the by lane which housed it. The shop is located in the Line Bazaar area, which was not crowded as one would expect it to be (at least that is the way it was when I visited). It was a modest shop, much less grand than any sweetmeat shop that one can find in residential suburbs of Bangalore. The shop had a pile of boxes of the “Pedha” right in the middle of the counter, guarded by the attendant-cum-salesman-cum-cashier. He had 2 sets of boxes – 500gms and 250gms. The “Pedha” was sold at 280 INR per kilogram and I picked up 1.5 Kilograms of them. I did not even bother to check out the other sweets on the display (except for “Kunda” of which I purchased 500gms).

Babusingh Thakur Pedha shop @ Line Bazaar, Dharwad. Photographed from my iPhone.

The “Dharwad Pedha” is a signature sweetmeat of many stores spread across Dharwad/Hubli. There are the ‘Mishras’ and ‘Sajjans’, but what sets the Thakur Pedha is its quality. The small chocolaty brown oddly shaped mound with a fine coating of sugar powder dust on it surface is a delight. The sweet that appears as a solid mass from outset, when broken into two and shoved into the mouth reveals its sweet soft textured interiors. The softness of the “Kova” like mixture inside with the sweetness enhances the exquisite pleasure that one derives from consuming a piece of the “Pedha”. The fresh stock of the “Pedha” adds to the richness of this experience.

I have never been a big fan of sweets, the Indian ones, except for a few – Sohan Papdi, Basundi, Jalebi, Chiroti, Bombay Halwa, Kaju Kathli, Paalkova/Kunda, Paruppu Payasam and Babusingh Thakur’s Dharwad Pedha. Any other “Dharwad Pedha” doesn’t just seem right.

If you get a chance, entertain your sweet loving taste buds with this “Pedha”. It would really be a sweet experience.

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on March 6, 2012.

6 Responses to “Dharwad Pedha – A delight from Line Bazaar”

  1. Never tasted Babasingh Thakur’s Pedha. Both, the one he makes in his sweetmart and the one he produces himself.

    However, have had many made by the Mishra’s in their shops. 😀

  2. dai, you say you are ‘not a big fan of sweets’ and then list 9 sweets!!!

  3. Lo jai I am so tempted to dig into a bite of the Pedha now. I have a sweet tooth and dharwad mishra Pedha is one of the top ones I would die for. One of the to do things when I come to Bangalore. It just melts away after that first bite. Ah I still can feel it

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