Lucia – Movie Review

Poster of 'Lucia'

Poster of ‘Lucia’

There is one particular scene in ‘Lucia’ that is of special interest to me, but I will deal with that later. At this juncture any analysis of that scene will be an injustice to all the efforts put forth by the team that created Lucia.

I remember seeing some mails and posts in Social media, a year ago, about an attempt to make a movie with public funding. It was something new but I did not think at that time that it would make it ‘this’ big – a world premiere at the ‘London Indian Film Festival’ and winning an award at the same event.

The film is a psychological thriller, which is a welcome relief from all the commercial potboilers crowding the Kannada silver screen of late. The movie starts off at a slow pace and picks up steam post intermission. The non-linear narrative structure aided with the complex switching between 2 parallel storylines (of which one is ‘Reality’ and the other is ‘Perceived’) makes it a real thriller. The use of different color schemes helps to keep track of both the storylines. For a movie that was shot using a digital camera/DSLR, the visuals are stunning. There are few frames with blemishes but overall the cinematographer Siddhartha Nuni has done a good job.

Neenasam Satish who portrays the role of the protagonist of the movie is a real find. He comfortably switches between the ‘two’ roles in the parallel storylines. He clearly makes the audience distinguish his ‘two’ characters with the difference in body language, dialogue delivery and the accent of the language. I doubt how many of the current top actors in Kannada cinema, except for Sudeep, can portray such characters in a movie. The other actors also do their part convincingly.

The only problem in the movie in my opinion is the length, especially the songs. The music by itself is good but I felt a thriller such as this should have been spared the burden of carrying the regular song/dance routine. Some of these songs are short but still act as speed breakers. Songs apart, the movie could have been trimmed short. It was not required to speed up the pace at the end moment and tie all the loose ends together.

Now for the scene that is of particular interest to me. In the climax portion of the movie, the protagonist in one of the parallel storyline emerges out of the sea during twilight. To me the scene appeared to be a direct reference to the opening scene of Inception. Both these movies deal with ‘Lucid Dreams’ and it is highly probable that Inception would have been an inspiration to the makers of Lucia. Note that I say ‘Inspiration’ because though they deal with ‘Lucid Dreams’ they are set in different contexts and storylines. If this scene was the director’s way of acknowledging this inspiration I would say it is a job well done.

This is one Kannada movie that should not be missed. This movie really raises the bar for Kannada cinema among the current set of creators. There is still a long way to go, but it’s a good start.

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on September 23, 2013.

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