Oggarane / Un Samayal Arayil – Soundtrack Review

Poster of Prakash Raj's Trlilingual - Oggarane/Un Samayal Arayil/Ulavacharu Biryani Photo Courtesy: Prakash Raj Productions

Poster of Prakash Raj’s Trilingual – Oggarane/Un Samayal Arayil/Ulavacharu Biryani
Photo Courtesy: Prakash Raj Productions


Expectations were high after the announcement that Ilayaraja would score for the trilingual directed by Prakash Raj. The audio of the three versions were released on different dates over a period of 2 weeks, with Kannada being released first followed by Telugu and then Tamil. IR lives up to the expectations and delivers a delicious album and continues to surprise the listeners with his music. There are 4 tracks in the album(s) which are reviewed below. As I am fluent only in Kannada and Tamil, this review does not list/review the Telugu version.

1. Ee Janumave / Intha Porapudhaan – Singer(s): Kailash Kher

This track is definitely the highlight in the album, of all the versions. The track espouses on the variety of local tastes available in the region (corresponding to the state the language spoken). While the Kannada version talks about the Holige, Maavinkai Chitrana, Mudde Saaru etc. the Tamil version lists the delicacies like Madurai Malligai Idly, Parotta, Karasev and others. The track is as delicious as its content and the orchestration just makes this the best track of the album(s). Kailash Kher’s rustic tone adds the required flavor for this song. It’s interesting how some of the best composers, like ARR and IR, can have the intuition that a particular song will be best complimented by a particular singer. Of the two versions, I personally like the Kannada version better than the Tamil one, majorly due to the wonderful lyrics by Jayant Kaikini. In comparison, I felt Palani Bharathi’s lyrics could not match the ‘poetic beauty’ of the Kannada version of the song.

2. Gaaliya Maatalai / Eeramai Eeramai – Singer(s): Vaibhavari, Ranjith

A soothing duet with BGMs enriched with wonderful orchestration, this song is another treat from the maestro. The singers and the lyricists of both Kannada and Tamil do their job sufficiently. The strings arrangements in the BGMs add life to the song and make the listener yearn for something ‘more’ from the composition.

3. Manadi Belagaayite / Therintho Theriyamalo – Singer(s): Karthik, Ramya NSK

This track starts with some wonderful strings, one of trademarks of a classic IR song. It’s a romantic duet that breezes through easily. This track, along with the one above, is reminiscent of IR’s recent time’s compositions (especially ‘Neethaane Enthan Pon Vasantham’).

4. Bareyada Saalanu / Kaatru Veliyil – Singer(s): Sharreth (Kannada), Ilayaraja (Tamil)

The highlight of the promotional video for the trilingual was the amazing and minimalist BGM by IR. I wished that a full version of the BGM would be part of the album, and that wish was answered, albeit in half. The song version of the BGM piece is beautiful, but I personally feel the words, though good, somehow eclipse the beauty of the underlying BGM. The Tamil version scores better for this track, solely due to the rustic voice of the maestro.

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on May 19, 2014.

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