To Provocateurs, With Anger

From the moment I leave home to Office, till I reach home in the evening a lot of people rub me on the wrong side and provoke me into a verbal duel. I know, this statement from me can easily be considered as an acceptance of my own ‘short-temperedness’. Let me be biased and put the blame on the others (and the whole world) for this. Some routine scenarios in which I will be embroiled in are..

1. People honking incessantly and calling me names in traffic signals when the counter still has 10+ seconds to go for GREEN

2. Wayward motorsport racers coming right in front of me, at lightning speed, on my side of the lane

3. Notorious co-workers trying to park their two-wheelers in the vacant space between two motorcycles (one of them being mine) and gifting a scratch to my Bullet

4. Highly educated and brilliantly cultured co-workers jumping the Queue in cafeteria and taking pride in their actions

5. Shopkeepers trying to siphon my hard earned 1 Rs. by throwing in an unwanted chocolate candy at me

6. Morning walkers letting their dogs to relieve themselves right in front of the gate of my home

7. Merchants rounding off to the next 10 when paying through Credit or Debit Card

8. People trying to calm me down saying “It’s OK.. everyone does it”

..and the list is endless. I know I am still the “Angry-Young-Man (!) Rebel” as my B-I-L rightly pointed out. I know I can make things easier by indulging in Anger Management. I know I can try to ignore some of these and make life easier. But do you all know that the above mentioned characters can mend their ways and make life easier for everyone around them. I am no saint myself, but I make it a point not to trouble people around me and live a disciplined life. Vigilantes like ‘Anniyan’ are good for fiction, real life demands discipline from everyone, at least to some extent to maintain the sanity of this society. Till then, the anger will be there.


~ by Jayanthan Ravi on September 8, 2014.

2 Responses to “To Provocateurs, With Anger”

  1. Hey Jai, why dont you write a book? just a thought.

    • Well Sir… The idea is there… But I need to prepare and develop the skills for that big task. Hopefully, one day….

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