The fight for my 50 Paise..

This happened to me (yes! again to ME) today at Bose Service Centre, Bangalore. I walked into the service centre for replacing the damaged cushions of my Bose headphones (QuietComfort 15) and I was told that it would cost me around 2800 INR. Having already paid a bomb for the headphones, I had expected the replacement to be a costly affair but decided to go for it as I cherish the sound quality of the Bose Headphones. There is no problem in that front.

The problem started AFTER the servicing was done and I asked for my bill. The lady at the desk made the first mistake of asking me for my credit card for payment even before giving me the invoice. As this is more or less normal in India, I enquired her for the exact amount before handing over the card and she promptly told me 2863 INR. The card payment device after trying on the ‘Primary’ & ‘Secondary’ lines displayed a message “No Carrier” and immediately the lady told me “There is no balance in your card”. I was shocked! I told her that a “No Carrier” message should imply some issue with their phone lines and nothing to do with my account balance. Not satisfied with my thought process, she tried again reluctantly and the ‘Primary’, now suddenly awake, accepted the payment and promptly printed out two receipts. I signed a copy for the company and then I was handed over the invoice for the servicing. As is my habit, I checked the invoice and I frowned at the amount mentioned in the invoice – 2862.50 INR (Total Incl. of Taxes).

All the 3 Sale Receipts

The 3 Sale Receipts

Invoice for the service

Invoice for the service

I asked her, why did she “round off” the amount during the payment transaction and her reply was absurd – “Usually the system rounds off the payments, but for your invoice it has not done.” I told her that the point is the amount that has been paid from my card is different from what is mentioned in the invoice. She immediately shot back telling me “It’s only 50 Paise”.

Now, someone who knows me too well wouldn’t have made that mistake. But being a stranger, she did.

I asked her politely to give me back my 50 paise, for which she fumbled into her handbag and then the cash register and extracted a 1 INR coin and handed over to me. I refused to accept it and told her clearly – “give me back ONLY my 50 paise” that has been overcharged from my card. She was visibly irritated and started arguing with me that “it was not possible to do so”. I told her “Exactly! It’s easy to overcharge a customer with card payment, but it’s difficult to give it back”. But still, I insisted on getting back my 50 paise. Again she was rude and told me “Look I accept I overcharged, but I cannot do anything. I can only give you this 1 INR”. It was now my turn to be furious and told her she better give me my 50 Paise back.

She thought over for a while and then she did a ‘Void’ of the previous sale (2863 INR) and did a re-sale of 2862.50 INR.

What frustrates me is, these people take customers for granted. They assume that a difference of 50 Paise or 1 INR is “normal” and shouldn’t be questioned. But let me assure everyone that there are people like me still living on this planet. Just because I am spending 2800 INR on a headphone cushion does not mean I don’t care for a single Rupee (INR).

I took all the receipts and walked out with my newly serviced headphones. There was no point in “lecturing” her on what was wrong on her part and how she is even hurting the brand image of the company that employs her. I headed back home and after a hearty lunch, immersed myself into music from the headphones. Let me tell you, with the Bose headphones ON and with IR and ARR magic on full flow, one gets transformed into a better world; at least, temporarily.

~ by Jayanthan Ravi on October 11, 2014.

4 Responses to “The fight for my 50 Paise..”

  1. You should have asked her: “5 kodi paer 5 kodi thadavai 5 paisa thirudina thappa?!!”

    Read more:

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  2. Well done.

  3. Hi Jai.. I’ve tagged you! Would love to read your list of top 12 books! 🙂

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